"Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path." -Psalm 119:105

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Gifted Hands

Gifted Hands by Ben Carson is the inspiring life story of a very gifted neurosurgeon.

Ben Carson performs astounding brain surgery and has saved the lives of many children even when other surgeons said nothing could be done for them. Amazingly, he had a very difficult up-bringing and probably wouldn't have turned out as he did without his mother who taught him to always persevere in everything, no matter what other people said.
In addition to his life-story, this autobiography gives step by step accounts of several of the incredibly intricate and difficult life-giving surgeries that Ben Carson has performed. All through this book he references to his faith and trust in the Lord as the reason why he has got to where he is now.
Gifted Hands is suitable for all ages. Mum read it to our family as a read-aloud and we all loved it, including Lydia who is only seven! This book is available in the Selwyn libraries and you are also welcome to borrow it from us.


  1. Er... Danella... lovely post but Lydia is currently only seven years of age....

  2. Oops, sorry Bonnie... I didn't notice that error...! Thanks.

  3. We have/have had that book. It's really good; we all enjoyed listening to it when Mum read it out loud to us.

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    2. Oops! I just deleted my previous comment. :-(
      It should have said that we all enjoyed the book as well -Ben Carson is a very good author as well as neurosurgeon. His life story is very amazing, the Lord really had His hand on his life.